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Fixture or Event

Friday 19th April 2.00pm Ladies Opening Day
Sunday 21st April 2.00pm Open Day
Tuesday 23rd April 7.00pm New Members Night
Saturday 4th May 9.30am Sponsored Charity Day
Saturday 1st June 3.00pm Social Day 
Wednesday 12th June 9.30am Balloted Pairs 
Saturday 22nd June 9.30am Club Balloted Mixed Triples
Wednesday 26th June 9.30am Balloted Triples
Saturday 29th June 9.30am Ladies Invitation Pairs
Saturday 6th July 9.30am Club Mixed Pairs
Saturday13th July 2.00pm Charity Invitation Afternoon Tea
August TBA 2.00pm SBF Rosebowl Competition
Saturday 3rd August 2.00pm Alloa Mixed Rinks (Away)
Wednesday 7th August 9.30am Two Bowl Singles
August TBA   Ladies' Summer Outing
Saturday 10th August 9.30am Sponsored Invitation Triples
Wednesday 14th August 9.30am LWBA Finals
Wednesday 21st August 6.00pm Championship Finals
Friday 23rd August 1.30pm Ladies Nominated Pairs & Triples Final
Saturday 24th August 2.00pm Club Singles Finals
Monday 26th August 1.30pm Club Finals
Sunday 1st September 2.00pm Aberfeldy Mixed Rinks (Away)
Tuesday 17th September 2.00pm Closing Day
Saturday 28th September 7.00pm Presentation of Trophies
Saturday 5th October 10.00am Coffee Morning
TBA   Christmas Lunch


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