Club Champions - 1930 to 1950

Year Gent’s Champion Ladies’ Champion
1930 D C Young Mrs W Jackson
1931 John Small Mrs A Hardie
1932 Undecided Mrs J McLaren
1933 M Tait Mrs W Jackson
1934 W M Jackson Mrs A Hardie
1935 D C Young Mrs J McLaren
1936 W M Jackson Mrs J Middleton
1937 Alex Frame Mrs W Jackson
1938 Wm Morton Mrs A Hardie
1939 Dr A Brownlie Mrs J McLaren
1940 Arch McBroom Mrs J McLaren
1941 Arch McBroom Mrs J Gibson
1942 J M Tait Mrs A Hardie
1943 Arch Fleming Mrs W Jackson
1944 Tom Moffat Mrs W Jackson
1945 Arch Fleming Mrs W McAdam
1946 Arch McBroom Mrs W Jackson
1947 G Tevendale Mrs W McAdam
1948 Arch Fleming Mrs W Jackson
1949 Arch Fleming Mrs J Smith
1950 T C Bell Mrs T Moffat


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